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 Search Engine Optimization   The term search engine optimization or SEO is a common and important topic for many website owners. It is a vital digital marketing tool So we will talk about search engine optimization, what it is useful for websites, and how search engines work

What is SEO or search engine optimization?

SEO is an acronym for (Search Engine Optimization) It is used to improve the appearance of websites, as it helps you appear on the first page of search engine results in Google by studying how search engines work and the factors affecting the arrangement and improvement of results and the treatment of some errors and problems in websites Search engine development is one of the branches of e-marketing that aims to increase the number of visits to a particular website Although the term is an acronym for "search engine optimization", this concept is more about people than search engines.

Where it is about:

Understand what users are searching for on the Internet, the answers they seek to find, and the words they use in their search. So is the type of content they consume.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a website or online store on Google or you have a business and you want to grow this business and increase visitors and sales to your site SEO is your guide to leading search results, so the benefit of SEO lies in raising your site’s ranking in search engines and thus increasing your business  Despite the intense competition, following these SEO standards and tips is your only way to get on the front pages This is what we will learn about in the next paragraph The most important criteria for search engine optimization One of the most important SEO factors and rules and tips to follow to improve your visibility in search engines

1- Quality of content

Content is King Content is a vital part of SEO because it is the tool you use to reach and engage with audiences. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the content is not taken from another site. To be of value to the browsers. So put yourself in the place of the audience, and make sure that it meets the needs of the visitors

2- PageRank

It depends on the presence of internal and external links. (page power)

3- The rate of visits to the site

CTR click rate and the number of clicks or total traffic.

4- Choosing the right keywords

This is an essential element in order to gain visitors.

5- Website Design:

The web design process must take into account that the design matches the content of the site in attractive colors that are comfortable to the eye and responsive to different types and dimensions of different devices and screens.

Sections and stages of SEO

SEO is divided into two parts, internal and external SEO

 first: On-Page SEO

It is all the operations and modifications that we make on the site itself to be configured for search engines, which is one of the basics of SEO: improving titles and descriptions

1- Add keywords or meta tags.

2- How to choose the page link and add words to it.

3- Decorations for pictures inside the site.

4- Correct headers H1, H2, H3

5- Most importantly, the content of the page must be unique and

not copied from other sites And other operations that will

increase your site's ranking in search engines.

6- Improving the structure of the site.

7- Optimize URL structure and make it SEO friendly

8- Make your site easier to navigate.

7- Providing high-quality content and services.

9- Improve the way you use images.

11- Dealing with crawlers.

12- Using txt. robots file effectively and create a sitemap

13- Learn about “nofollow=rel” for links.

14- Smartphone SEO Optimization.

Second: Off-Page SEO

It is all the operations that we do outside the site to gain the confidence of search engines and raise the site’s ranking in Google through External links that point to your site (backlink), must be in the correct way in order to avoid the problems of your site by Google.

The basis of the big SEO:-

It is to obtain links to your site on other sites. From the point of view of the search engine, it is unacceptable for the site owner to make external links to his site himself. Rather, external links are obtained by Internet users. If the site provides useful content, users will transfer it automatically (from Google’s point of view).  So as you can see SEO is a complex task that includes many techniques, tactics, and best practices

It needs highly experienced and efficient specialists, so we at Dalil Msr

offer search engine optimization service with the best skilled and experienced  Moreover, best practices are always evolving as consumer and web user behaviors change as new technologies emerge White hat and black hat styles ''white hat'' It means SEO techniques, best practices, and strategies that comply with the laws and conditions stipulated by search engines. It primarily aims to benefit users and provide better results for their search. Browse the Forsa website. Black hat It refers to techniques and strategies that aim to deceive search engines into getting higher traffic and more traffic from users. Black Hat SEO strategies may actually achieve higher numbers, but they nevertheless expose your site to the risk of being penalized and banned by search engines, and your site may even be removed completely from the search results pages, and this may cost you huge financial losses. Be sure to avoid them and stick to sound strategies and techniques.

The main principles and basics of SEO optimization

Create your pages for users, not search engines.

1- Do not deceive your website users.

2- Avoid resorting to tricks and devious ways to improve your ranking on the search results page.

3- Ask yourself before doing anything: “Is this helpful to my visitors?” and “Would I do this thing if he wasn’t here.

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