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Google ads

Google AdWords is a modern electronic marketing technique, a CPC advertising program that enables advertisers to display ads on Google, so Google Advertising (SEM) is a great way to advertise your business online. If you have a website, you can create and manage AD campaigns that appear next to other companies' ads; if you have a company or product that you want to advertise, you can post your AD to Google to get visitors when people search for keywords related to your products or services.

Benefits of advertising on Google 

Logging in and creating an advertising account on Google Edward enables you to bring in more customers to target your business, as your AD will appear in front of Google search results and thus increase the proportion of visitors to your website looking for keywords to target you. So if you're in a store, you can get new customers, increase your sales, and expand your business.

Create and manage your ads on Google ads

Egypt Guide also offers a service to create and manage accounts and advertising campaigns that are professionally funded by keyword targeting by Google Advertising experts and a successful plan to set up and add Google Advertising. If you have problems with account creation and login, we can solve these issues and activate them again.

Google's first advertising campaign launched 

You can specify the amount to be spent, control the activation, stop and cancel the campaign, as well as select and choose the target audience, set a bid, the highest price you want to pay when it clicks

Service Features

  • Your ad will reach all people
  • You can control your daily budget
  • You can choose when your ad appears
  • Follow up on results and interactions

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