Domains and characteristics of digital marketing

Domains and characteristics of digital marketing     Your company will appear faster through e-marketing  There are many ways to make your company appear faster to promote your products through e-marketing and with us we will promote your product on all platforms (Facebook _ WhatsApp _ Instagram _ Twitter _ YouTube _ Google)

What's the online marketing

Also known as digital marketing, it is the marketing of products and services online through modern electronic means in order to reach the target audience using all electronic platforms and social media, including funded ads. This promotion enables you to display your products in an attractive way as well as communicate with the audience better. The most important of these platforms are: (Facebook _ WhatsApp _ Instagram _ Twitter _ YouTube _ Google)

The difference between traditional and e-marketing

Traditional Marketing: Relies on old means of promotion such as newspapers, news and billboards on the street Therefore, it is financially costly in addition to the inability to allocate the right audience and target it correctly It also does not lead to the desired reaction Characteristics of e-marketing: unlike the first type, it depends on modern means of online promotion, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and marketing via search engines or SEO.

Therefore, we will learn about the most important methods and areas of Internet marketing:

Digital Marketing via Social Media E-marketing via Facebook Marketing via Facebook is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote As Facebook is popular among many demographics, it has 2.45 billion monthly active users. Therefore, it is the first and easiest option among the means of electronic marketing Facebook ads help you achieve one of three types of marketing campaign goals: 1- Awareness: building brand awareness or increasing reach. 2- Consider: Send traffic to your website, increase engagement, encourage app installation, watch the video, generate leads, or encourage people to connect with you on the page. 3- Conversion: Increase purchases or leads through your site or app or drive actual traffic to offline stores and stores. With detailed targeting options for this huge group of users, Facebook is a great platform to get started with social media advertising. With ads, you can direct users to your Facebook page or website.

Instagram platform

It is considered a social media marketing tool, you can easily market products through the platform and reach a strong interaction and a large audience

Where Facebook owns the Instagram platform

Therefore, Insta ads support the three broad categories of campaign objectives, such as Facebook ads Awareness, consideration, conversion. So Instagram is the most popular among millennials.

WhatsApp Marketing

A new form of advertising that very few people are aware of and uses to promote various offers in the commission payment networks or even for special services it provides, namely targeted ads on the WhatsApp application directly.

Twitter Marketing

One of the most important and best platforms used is no the exception to the rest of the platforms that provide a good place for ads It also helps you to reach your target customers. What distinguishes Twitter from its competitors and makes it is a distinct platform for marketing:- 1- You can launch your advertising campaign around the world and this is very important for companies and brands that need global coverage. 2- The average click-through rate is high, and Facebook competes in this, which is very important for advertisers, as the more clicks and interactions with the ad, the lower its price (the lower the level of competition and therefore the lower the click price).

Email Marketing via Search Engines (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important areas of marketing for websites and electronic stores Where appearing on the first pages of search results depends on the application of SEO algorithms and basics, including content, as it is the king in SEO search engine optimization. Unique and high-quality content is essential to get a good ranking in search engines like Google Google introduced new updates such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird increasingly rank higher quality content. Weighting is constantly analyzed by search engines for various factors. Experts agree that website content is one of the most important criteria for ranking in search engines. So “content is king” in the SEO industry. Only with high-quality content can site rankings be improved and your site's visibility increased.


People are affected by visuals and animation affects more than writing or blogging, and experts in the field of digital marketing say that watching several minutes of video is more influential on the customer than reading a million written words. YouTube views are more than 1 billion hours per day.

Marketing through YouTube

For all these advantages, e-marketing can be done by publishing videos about the product or by creating an advertising channel for the product or commodity. These clips can also be published on social networking sites or agree with the owners of famous channels to promote the site or the brand.

Successful email marketing methods

Professional digital marketing companies follow different content marketing methods which include: 1- Improving brand awareness. 2- Improve your search engine ranking. 3- Customer acquisition and retention. 4- Generating high traffic in the blog, i.e. targeting to increase the number of visitors to the site. In conclusion, we at Daleel Misr offer the best e-marketing services in its various fields through highly skilled experts and marketers with certificates approved by Google

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