Privacy of Internet users

Privacy of Internet users

Recently, we heard about Facebook's problem with Apple

The cause of the problem is that Apple has released new updates that prevent the Facebook app from accessing Apple's customer data

The argument of those responsible for Facebook is that if the new updates are activated for Apple, this will cause great harm to small companies who use their ads to reach customers, thus their sales will decrease.

But Apple responded and said that the final decision will be for users to activate protection for their data, and accused Facebook of only seeking to collect the largest amount of data and personal information for users around the world, ignoring the user's privacy.

The issue will not be effective in Egypt due to the limited number of users of Apple devices, and owners of large and medium companies will be able to reach customers naturally

But the idea will go to how to work for your company as an entity and a stable base among customers and how to target customers who will be the reason for increasing sales who are really interested in your activity.

Dalilmsr is a company that explains the protection and security of your

site so that:

Your online privacy with a VPN app

If you use your PC to work remotely, use a VPN app like Kaspersky

Secure Connection to encrypt your data and protect it from prying eyes.

All your internet activity will be encrypted when you use a VPN.

The only thing your VPN server manager can see is the IP address,

along with obscure data that is impossible to decipher.

You just have to keep the following in mind:

VPN apps hide your online activities from your manager in real-time,

but you can still see your browsing history later right on your device. Installing a VPN app on your work device sometimes requires

administrator account rights, and you may not have those rights.

An easy way to hide your online activities is by using a VPN

extension for Google Chrome (which works with Firefox and

other browsers as well). These add-ons are designed to run on

the browser only and do not require any administrator rights

when adding them.

And the easiest way to keep your browsing history hidden from

the manager is to combine the use of a VPN and an incognito window.

The Incognito window has the advantage of instant deletion

of all cookies of your browsing history as soon as you close that window.

Incognito windows are present in any browser, and they are

useful for maintaining the privacy of the Internet.

Using a VPN app installed by the company for you: Using a business VPN means that all the traffic you make on

the device is encrypted on the company's servers and all

the websites you visit can be seen by your manager or a business owner.

But your manager can't access your home local network, so your

browsing history on other devices isn't at risk.

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