Learn about changing the Facebook company to Meta

Learn about changing the Facebook company to Meta     Facebook announced that it will change its name to "Meta". At a time when the company is facing a lot of criticism on a number of fronts. Where the decision of the founder of the giant social networking site comes in line with the company's future plans Which intends to launch a new world of social media called "Metaverse" depends on more interaction between users. The giant company includes a huge group of social networks, which are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. And the founder of the Facebook network, which was accused by a former employee of overcoming financial profit over the safety of users, chose The name "meta" in ancient Greek means "after" to show that "there are additional things

to be built".

Reasons why Facebook changed its name to Meta

The company said the name change "will bring its various applications and technologies together under one new brand." The announcement came during a speech by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, At the company's annual Connect conference on October 28. He explained, "The name of Facebook does not fully include everything the company does... at the moment, Our brand is closely related to one product." The Facebook name change comes as the company faces widespread scrutiny for real-world damage from its various platforms After a whistleblower leaked hundreds of internal company documents.

Effects and results of changing the name of the Facebook company

The change will lead to the decline of the Facebook service of the same name to become just one of the company's subsidiaries along with Instagram and WhatsApp instead

of the overall brand.

Rebranding may be part of an effort to repair Facebook's reputation

Turn the page after a series of PR nightmares including misinformation on its platforms, failures to moderate content, and revelations about the negative impact its products have on the mental health of some users.

The vision of the founder of Facebook

The name change announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook Connect's virtual and augmented reality the conference is in line with his increased focus on metaverses. Which refers to the efforts to combine virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in a new online world. Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Zuckerberg kicked off a major product event on Thursday. By sparking a series of new social, gaming, and workplace concepts for the metaverse. "We live for what we build and while we make mistakes we keep learning, building, and moving forward," Zuckerberg said in the launch video before his keynote speech. Facebook broadcast its eighth annual "Connect" event live to reveal its latest innovations and research in augmented and virtual reality and more about its vision for Metaverse, which refers to the efforts that combine virtual and augmented reality technologies in a new online consideration platform. Facebook showcased a series of concept videos highlighting its vision for metaverses Like sending a hologram of yourself during a concert you haven'  been to, sitting around virtual meeting tables with distant colleagues, or playing immersive games with friends. Will Facebook's corporate structure change as well No, the Facebook app, along with Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger as of now will continue to remain the same, according to the company. Nor will the company structure change Facebook also said that its hardware division Facebook Reality Labs will become a separate reporting unit, and will now call the unit responsible for the company's AR and VR efforts Reality Labs.

change Facebook logo

Yes, it will change, as the company unveiled a new banner at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California Replacing her "Like" tagline, she said in a blog post she intends to start trading under her new stock index, MVRS.  
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