What is digital marketing? Digital marketing basics and tools

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing basics and tools


What is digital marketing? 

Many people have heard of the term digital marketing,

as this name has spread in recent years with

the development of technology and modern science.

There is a great demand for this field, but unfortunately,

most people who try to enter the field of digital marketing find

it is difficult to understand it.

 You do not find the right and useful information to start or

take a step in the field of digital marketing And for that,

in Dalil Misr, the best electronic marketing company,

we will provide you with everything you need to know about

digital marketing  and how to establish a right and enter

the field you understand all the methods, strategies and

tools in this field.


What is digital marketing or digital marketing?

Marketing has been known since antiquity, but with

different methods and methods of promotion, it was

not known by a specific name With the development

of science and technology, the concept of marketing

and promotion via the Internet and modern

means spread.

Therefore, in a very brief way, the definition of digital

marketing is It is the marketing of services, products

and any commercial activity through the Internet

and modern means.

This is what distinguishes it from traditional marketing,

which uses traditional and old means

Digital marketing methods are many many and have many

advantages that we will learn about in this article.

Advantages of digital marketing

With the development of modern science and the spread of

platforms and means of technology and marketing through

modern means And the adoption of digital marketing on these

means and methods then access to customers has become faster,

easier and at a lower cost.

You can also define and customize your target audience

accurately and correctly Unlike traditional marketing, which costs

you a lot, it is difficult to find and select a specific audience.

Also, the interaction is limited and small, Therefore,

marketing through modern means such as social media

platforms, Google marketing, and much digital marketing

methods are the most critical tools for entrepreneurs and

commercial activities.

Digital marketing platforms

Many novice marketers are looking for the most important digital

marketing platforms Therefore, in this paragraph, we will talk

about the most important branches and departments of

digital marketing includes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

Whereby creating a website, blog or store and preparing your

the site to be suitable for search engines Apply SEO criteria in

order to appear on the first pages and publish search

results will increase your visitors.

Expand your business and increase your sales

Paid Advertising Marketing (SEM)

Creating ads on Google in order to bring in more visitors,

it is an effective and fast way and enables you to reach your

target customers with ease.

Social media marketing

One of the most important means of digital marketing is to

promote through social media platforms Facebook, Twitter

and Instagram By creating unique content and defining

a clear marketing strategy and plan, you can target your

audience through social media with ease.

You also find good interaction, also try to diversify your

content between visual, audio and images.

Digital marketing basics and tools

We will talk about the most important tools and means

used in digital marketing, including free and paid,

which are as follows.


It is considered one of the most important digital marketing

methods and tools, as it helps you in preparing reports on

the performance of your publications on social media.

Also, through it, you can manage your accounts on social media,

schedule publications and publish them without referring

to your accounts, thus saving you time and great effort.

Google Analytics

If you have a website and want to know the behaviour of the website

visitors and their interest in the content you provide, this tool provides

you with analytics on your visitors, type of category and traffic sources,

and defines your audience in a custom way, as it helps you in paying

advertising and targeting correctly.

Google Trends

An important tool in marketing where you can find out the most

important topics that people are looking for and give you ideas about

popular topics that can be exploited and written about.

Mail Chimp

It is an e-mail marketing tool, through which you can send

promotional messages via e-mail, divide your advertising campaign

and properly target the audience in an optimal way.


This tool is important for website owners, through which you

can analyze  your competitors and find out the keywords

they use You can also learn about the possibility of

competition for a specific word and the possibility of targeting it.


A platform through which you can prepare easy and simple

designs for your content, and it also gives you simple and

professional design ideas and models.

The difference between digital marketing and social media

Many confuse the concept of digital marketing with the term

social media marketing.

 social media Digital marketing

And frankly, they are right because the two terms are very similar,

as social media marketing is considered a part of digital marketing

or digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a comprehensive term, which is more

general than social media marketing, as it includes social media.

Marketing through SEO and paid advertising e-mail marketing.

Finally, to learn digital marketing, you must have a sense

of research and exploration, and a love of learning and challenge

Also, your language must be good, especially English, because

language has become an essential thing in the world of

digital marketing I would like to remind you that we are in

Egypt Directory for Digital and Electronic Marketing.

We offer you many services in e-marketing and digital marketing,

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certificates and previous and successful work.

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