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Elderly gant el yasmin Home



We are in theElderly gant el yasmin Home  in the Fifth Settlement. We have a medical team at the highest level and we have the medical competencies and experiences because our goal in the Elderly House of Jasmine in the gathering is to try to help our elderly parents


The most important characteristic of the elderly home of Jasmine Paradise

Elderly gant el yasmin Home Paradise is characterized by providing 24-hour medical services

We also have a home for the elderly in Jasmine Jasmine, a natural treatment inside the home

Elderly gant el yasmin Home Paradise we offer healthy meals, and this is what distinguishes us in the house is to provide enough protein for the elderly

Home services for the elderly Jasmine Paradise in the assembly

Old Age Home

Elderly care

Home for the elderly in the assembly

In the Elderly House of Jasmine, we accept all cases, post-operative cases, Alzheimer's cases, bed ulcers, and psychiatric cases.

Our goal is in the Elderly gant el yasmin Home Paradise

Our primary goal in the home is to help the elderly overcome their loneliness and talk to them, and be well looked after and received.

yasmin Paradise Elderly Home Excellent medical care for the treatment of cases, bed ulcers and Alzheimer's in fractures and old age diseases


We, in the Elderly Paradise of yasmine Home, appreciate the psychological changes of the elderly


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Old Age Home

We must talk with the elderly and listen to them while we are in the Elderly gant el yasmin Home Paradise, and we appreciate the importance of the role that we offer in serving our elderly families because it is known that the elderly at a certain age stage need someone to talk to and listen to them, and we in the shelter do this constantly.

The elderly person enjoys in the Home of the Elderly Paradise of Jasmine, a room of his own or a room that he shares with other elderly people, and each one has a special bed, covering it, his living and his personal needs

Entertainment in the elderly home of Jasmine Paradise

Elderly people face the problem of interacting with being in a nursing home

Therefore, we work hard to provide a comfortable atmosphere for them and make them always feel at home.

Elderly Heaven Jasmine Home

Nursing 24 hours

A medical file for each inmate

24-hour medical supervision, air-conditioned hotel rooms and three hotel meals, 24-room service, three hotel meals, attention to the psychological state of inquiry

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yasmine Paradise Elderly Home We are honored to serve you in our branches in New Cairo

  ⛳️ Main Branch: First Settlement - Al Yasmeen District 1, Villa 28

  ⛳️ Branch 2: First Settlement - Al Yasmeen 2 Villa 1

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