E-marketing platforms

E-marketing platforms

2020-10-25 15:59:32
E-marketing platforms

E-marketing has become one of the most important marketing methods in the world because most people now spend most of their time on social media sites so that they are always connected to the world and have everything new, and this of course makes the chance of any product that it finds is great.

And the most important sites in Egypt:

Google Ads

Through Google ads, you can reach all Internet users because you are at the top of the search results in front of them, and through it, you can market graphic or written ads for your activity and your product or mobile applications to help you promote the product.

What distinguishes Google ads is that they reach the most popular search engine, which gives advertisers the opportunity to display their ads in front of the largest audience in the domain to be determined.


It is considered one of the most famous sites in the world and to which people spend most of their time, and as soon as you choose to advertise on Facebook, your ad begins to reach the target group

But you will always need new ideas and content that attracts people's attention, whether through design, video or motion video.



Recently, we started to notice the presence of many ads on Instagram, and between every story and story in an advertisement for a specific product, these ads are based on people's interests and follow-up ends a type of ads.



Hundreds of tweets per day and following whoever is the leader of the hashtag, all of which have an impact on the arrival of your product, because Twitter is not a difficult platform to advertise because it is possible with a simple advertisement to reach the result you need.

Either advertising on Twitter will be via tweets, promoted accounts, and funded ads

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