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Twitter Marketing | Email Marketing Company

Dalilmsr  for Marketing through Twitter provides Twitter ads and services, e-marketing on Twitter

One of the most important and best platforms used is no exception to the rest of the platforms

that provide a good place for ads It also helps you to reach your target customers.

Dalilmsr Company for Marketing


The main reason for the importance of marketing in business is that companies need marketing

itself in order to attract potential customers, if you do not communicate and constantly

learn what your audience wants to target, it will become very difficult to achieve success

and help our company on social media Content creation can also help tremendously

by producing high-quality, better-implemented content SEO practices, you'll be better off

where you started.


What is Twitter?

The preferred platform for users of social networks for conversations and exchange of

news in various fields, An online news site where people communicate in short messages

called tweets, posted by The user is for anyone who follows him, and tweets can be called

another name, is micro-blogging, and Twitter is easy to use and navigate;

Because every tweet is limited to a specific number of characters, so Twitter became famous

It circulated among people, and the Twitter website was programmed in 2006 AD,

in the beginning, Twitter was a short message program Free SMS (SMS),

initially lacked a revenue stream to be earned from advertising or membership fees, But with

an increase in the number of visitors by 1300% in 2009, Twitter achieved great success.

It is also considered the preferred platform For decision-makers, and industry owners,

and although marketers discovered this platform late, they found Twitter a valuable

a treasure to constantly search for ways to understand audience thoughts and trends and get ideas

Actionable to improve their social media strategies.

What is Twitter Analytics?

It is the process of collecting and analyzing data on the accounts of the social networking

platform Twitter, to understand the activity of the account, It gives you deep insight into

the performance of that account's content, audience behaviors, and displays that are

easy to understand around different metrics, allowing companies to improve their

Twitter marketing strategies are similar to creating Detailed reports about

your account movement on this social platform.

Why is Twitter analytics important?

Twitter Analytics is an important part of any business's social media strategy because  Analytics

Twitter provides an in-depth look at how your audience interacts with the content you post,

which content is the best performing, and Whether or not your brand's social media strategy is delivering results?

How long is the promotion?

A typical Tweet promotion lasts for hours, however the total duration varies based on

different factors Like your budget, your followers, number of followers, etc.

You will receive an alert after the promotion cycle is complete.

Who will see my Promoted Tweet?

Send your Tweet to people who are most likely to appreciate your content, and specify that

Based on your existing followers assuming that your followers are people who have

chosen to view your Tweets.


What credit cards do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and payment cards. Payments are accepted in the official currencies of countries. Learn more about eligibility for Twitter Ads.

Where are Promoted Tweets displayed?

Tweets you promote may be displayed on sites owned and operated by Twitter eg, timelines

For the home page, profiles, etc.

Better performance content

Twitter Analytics will be able to identify the content that your audience is most attracted to,

whether it is text, videos, photos, etc., you will know if engagement rates increase

when you publish a survey, Or when you share links, do your followers like to share content

with their friends? You will have data Enough to know the type of content that resonates most

with your followers, and the more you know about it, the more You can focus on the content

that the audience likes the most.

Most Popular Twitter Metrics

There are many metrics when you start tracking Twitter Analytics, but there are more

important and popular metrics Among others, here are some of the most important

Twitter metrics to track: number of tweets

Twitter analysis can help you see how many tweets you post per month, and it can be

This is useful for making sure that you are meeting your daily content posting goals.

Most Viewed Tweet

The Tweet that has reached the largest audience, it is necessary to analyze this to find

out why the tweet has spread, possibly that you have chosen attractive content that

the audience likes or you have posted the tweet at the right time of the day, And use the right

hashtag, knowing the reason behind the spread of the tweet will help you to repeat its success in

Future Tweets, Twitter Analytics gives you insight into how many followers you have gained or lost.

In addition to the number of current followers, and apparently getting more followers is a good

the thing for your brand, However, the focus should be around key metrics, such as engagement

rate, link clicks, Because getting a lot of followers is useless if they don't interact with your content.

-Analytics also shows you top followers with the highest number of followers who started

following you. 

During the month the number of times your company name was mentioned or “tagged” on social media Social, the increase in the percentage of notifications means that users are interacting with your brand, whether positive or negative, and you have to find out in order to react in the appropriate way.

reaction rate

This metric shows brands how often people interact with

Her tweet, includes Everything from retweets, to likes, and followers, tracking which Tweets

can be the biggest Some interaction - and knowing what kind of response you're getting 

is a good way to see what works for your strategy On social media, the number of posts

divided by the number of times a tweet is seen, gives a rate Sharing Brands is a clear picture

of how engaging the Tweet really is. This is because it affects the number of people Who

viewed the Tweet and how many people have already interacted with it. The number of times

users have done By clicking on the links you share, means that users want to know more,

and they don't mind Interact with content that will mostly turn them off the platform.

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