The Role of Instagram in E-marketing

The Role of Instagram in E-marketing

  The role of Instagram in e-marketing.  Instagram platform is one of the best platforms that companies can use to market their products, increase sales, and strengthen relationships with customers. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform, and 60% of them discover new products and services.   Two-thirds of the most popular Instagram posts are marketingTwitter Marketing | Email Marketing Company. Therefore, Instagram users interact with marketing posts and do not ignore them, as is the case with most other social networks. 30% of Instagram users have purchased products and services they discovered on the platform.   These statistics show that Instagram pioneers do not mind following and sharing marketing content, unlike the usual in social networks, and perhaps the reason for this is that Instagram is primarily a visual platform.   Therefore, companies and projects that display their products in an artistic and innovative way through photos and videos can be admired and followed by people, all of this makes Instagram marketing a profitable investment.   [caption id="attachment_16175" align="alignright" width="259"]The role of instagram in E marketing Marketing Agency[/caption]

 Define the audience

Target the segment most likely to buy your products and services. No doubt you have an initial idea of your potential customers. Now you need to know what kind of content they interact with, what hashtags they use, and what accounts they follow.

 Interact with publications

 Assume that users who interact with your posts, photos, and videos, whether by liking, sharing, or commenting, like your content. So it increases the likelihood that they will get your posts. So, be sure to get your followers to interact with your content

 The hashtag

Hashtags: you put into your posts to guess the topic you're talking about. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, but you shouldn't overuse it, some studies have shown that the ideal number of hashtags in each post should be between 8 and 11.


The first thing you need to do after creating your trading account is to set up your profile. In this paragraph, we will review the necessary elements that should be set up to organize and improve your account.


Create engaging, interesting, and useful content. The content should be of high quality, express your brand, and suit the tastes of your followers. Over time, you will learn what kind of content your followers like and interact with. It is true that your goal is Instagram marketing for your products, and this often requires you to publish serious promotional content, but you should not forget that people come to Instagram and the rest of the social networks to enjoy and be entertained. So try to give your posts a touch of fun every once in a while, or even post funny pictures even if they have nothing to do with the products you sell


Images are the most content, the most used by Daleel Misr, and 36% more interaction than the average. So there is no doubt that she has the lion's share of Instagram posts. Due to the importance of Instagram photos, you have to pay special attention to them, and use them extensively in Instagram marketing. You should also not only publish product images, but it is preferable that you publish them in user mode.


Ads are the fastest way to market through Instagram, attract more followers and increase sales, and you can control them, and determine the segment you target with ads such as age, geographical location, and brands that the target audience follows with ads. For example, if you own an online store that sells home appliances in a specific area, you can target Instagram followers who live in that area, belong to the target segment (eg, females between 18 and 45 years old), and follow the brands of your competitors. It's important to know that Instagram ads will get people to the landing page, but that doesn't mean they'll necessarily buy.


Detailed information about each post, such as engagement volume, views, and more. The number of people who visited your profile. Information about followers, such as the percentage of increase in the number of followers, the demographics of followers, such as gender and age, and the geographical areas in which they live, in addition to other important information. The number of views of Instagram stories The Instagram platform is affiliated with Facebook, and of course, it has the importance and strength of Facebook ads, especially at this time, given that Facebook has a lot of complex and highly sophisticated data and information that it exploits in targeting. This is why the advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are very powerful, so I must take advantage of Instagram before it decreases in strength and influence in the future, and to achieve this requires an excellent marketing company. To provide you with the best selection, preparation, and effective management of your advertising campaigns Having prior experience with choosing the best e-marketing company, "Daleel Misr" It also provides solutions and services, as well as developing and managing digital advertising campaigns on e-marketing platforms.

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