Reasons for creating an online store

Reasons for creating an online store   Reasons for creating an online store

What is an online store?

An online store is simply a website for buying and selling products, services, or information over the Internet. A field that has flourished strongly in recent years after the rise of indicators of the number of electronic stores and online shoppers at the Arab and international levels, yet we see only a few successful ones at the Arab level.

This could be due to several reasons:

1- The lack of educational content related to how to create electronic stores in their details. 2- Some people thought that it is a field that requires a large capital that is difficult to own in the beginning, and this is not true. What you have to do is explain to us the content of your online store that you want to create and we will do the required professionally and attractively in the shortest period of time.

An online store is simply a catalog of certain products with certain specifications.

There must be basic pillars while not neglecting the most important factor that often represents the biggest success factors for electronic stores, which is customer service, making sure that they are satisfied with your products, and speeding up solving problems, all of which enhance the shopper’s confidence in your store and earns you more customers.

Why should you own an online store?

Having an online store will not only help you control the image you want to appear in front of your audience but will also help you get to know your audience in a more professional and detailed way. The Internet is full of many great additions that will help you analyze users’ data and preferences, and the online store also helps you build strong relationships with users. With ease, you can communicate with your loyal customers, and convince them with many attractive discounts and offers that help keeps them and increase their number as well.

The most important advantages that the online store provides you with: Low cost:

You know exactly how much it will cost you to create a website and the costs that will be incurred by you later, but in the event that you make a normal store on the ground, you may incur additional costs such as electricity bills, rent, water bills, and workers’ salaries, and you may also be exposed to Other costs not previously accounted for. Therefore, if you compare the cost of creating an online store in addition to the marketing and management expenses in full, it will be in any case much less than the cost of creating a traditional store, but much less, as it is less than a quarter of the cost in most cases.

Ease and speed of launch:

Unlike traditional stores, the online store does not need to wait to make complicated decorations or buy machines, tools, display shelves, sales-trained staff, security, etc. You can even launch a professional online store in a few days or maybe a few hours.

Increase trust with your customers:

By creating a website, you give your customers a compelling reason and answer that will drive them to trust your project or company. There are many people who will search the internet for a product or service before they buy it. When you provide a good service or a good product, this will reflect positively on your organization or company, but this is in the case of Have a website that shows this information about your products. During the last 10 years, people have become accustomed to trusting the company before they do business with it, and this trust comes from visiting their website, and this is the importance of your website.

Ease of access to target customers:

Selling through online stores ensures that you reach a specific target audience, who is looking for the products and services that you already offer. But this does not become easy once you create your online store, you have to follow one of the marketing strategies The online marketing strategy is SEO, and applying this step helps you in the appearance of your store The website is on the first pages of search engines, and this makes it easier for the target customer to find you just by searching for one of your products.

Constant presence:

The online store is characterized by being always available at any time, as it is not restricted by the limits of time and place in a way that enables you not to Losing any customers in contrast to the traditional store which is closed on public holidays and unavailable around the clock.


Having an online store will allow you to market your project on the Internet, and there are many strategies Marketing through which you can market your current project, but all Internet strategies have been tried and tested Prove that they are all working effectively, but the strategies you will choose should be compatible with the type of business you are currently running. I know about choosing the type of advertising campaign that affects the results

Common mistakes when creating an online store:

1- The consumer cannot get all the information related to the product. 2- Prepare a few images that were used in the product. 3- The quality of the product images is low. 4- The site's design is bad, and this negatively affects the reputation of the product. 5- The site does not support smartphones. 6- The site is not suitable for search engines. 7- Shipping fees are not related to the product. 8- Limited means of payment. 9- The policies to be followed are not clear. 10- There are no blogs. 11- There is no technical support center.

Get your online store now:

We at Egypt Directory offer you many features and facilities for designing and creating your own online store You and help you as a merchant in displaying, selling, and earning from products and services of all kinds, and you can communicate With us now, we will immediately start the steps of preparing your online store and provide a lot of steps to complete your store.
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