How to define the target audience

How to define the target audience   How define the target audience is one of the most important things that marketers should focus on for their products because it is the most important thing that leads to success or failure in promoting products or even promoting web pages.

What is the target audience?

The target audience expresses the customers and individuals who are likely to visit our websites over the Internet and then become the most interested in the products and services that we provide through our websites, and this audience consists of some of the features that distinguish it. Such as: gender, age, education and location.

Target audience analysis:

Correctly accompanied and fragmented group or target audience gives a significant part of sales or raises the ranking of the site, blog or page. The five well-known questions that must be answered when selecting a CA: What does the consumer get? Who is this potential customer? Why does he want to have this, and what are his needs and motives? When and when? To where? (Internet, shop near the house, large supermarkets).

Relevancy to the target audience:

Target audience research is a process of gathering information, but even if the target group is defined correctly this does not guarantee the success of the promotion of goods and services or the interest of the audience in the account articles, relevance - this is the correspondence or relevance, then the amount of information that matches the query. The relevant page and content is created by a particular topic, and audience relevance is determined by the correct selection of information.

What is the difference between the target audience and target market?

Some people make a mistake in confusing the concepts of the target audience and the target market, and although both of them are linked by a positive relationship, each is an independent concept of itself, as we will explain.

First the target audience:

A target audience is defined as a group of specific people that your brand is targeting. These people may be real people (target audience) or legal persons (commercial companies or markets). This audience is determined based on a set of demographic characteristics such as age, education, marital status, interests, financial level, purchasing behavior...etc.

Second, the target market:

It is the larger and more general picture of the marketing targeting process. If we say that you intend to promote a specific sports product, then your target market is sports clubs, competitions and various gyms, and your target audience is the participants in these clubs from athletes and those interested in the field. Thus, the target audience becomes part of the target market as a whole, and its importance is that it is the cornerstone on which the optimal method of marketing is determined. Know the reasons for creating an online store What is the difference between target audience and personality: There is a huge difference between the target audience and the personality, which is: the target audience: The data most commonly used when determining the target audience for a company are: 1- age. 2- sex. 3- Educational background. 4- Purchasing power. 5- Social class. 6- The site. 7- Consumption habits. Persona In marketing, personals are the profiles of buyers who will be your ideal customers. They are fictional characters that have the same characteristics as your real customers. They are developed based on target audience research and may help you better guide your marketing plan. A character is someone who might be interested in what you have to offer as it is very relevant to your brand and you should make an effort to make them a customer and keep them for the long term. Personal involves deeper and more detailed research from the target audience because it includes: 1- Personal characteristics. 2- Lifestyle. 3- Interests. 4- Interact on social networks. 5- Professional information. How to define your target audience: Now that you know why your target audience is important, it's time to define your first audience group. Here is a list of characteristics you should keep in mind (use the attached worksheet for guidance): 1. Demographics: Demographics are the criteria you use to describe a specific part of the population. Some examples of demographics include: the age. sex. income. Social status. Profession/industry. Educational level. 2. Location: You can also narrow your audience based on geography or location. You can choose a district, city, county, state or country, you can also select by distance. For those who want to run an online business for clients or customers all over the world, you may not need to set a location. However, it is possible that as your business grows, you will see some cities or countries that most of your customers tend to. You can target those areas specifically later, or switch to other sites that can provide the opportunities you want.

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