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Facebook Policies The problem of closing and restricting advertising accounts for Facebook advertisers has increased significantly in the recent period And without clear or public reasons for the violations that led to the closure of the advertising account and its restriction from creating ads In this article, the most important reasons for closing and restricting advertising accounts will be explained.

Sponsored Ad:

An advertisement that is created within a social networking site. In order to reach a target audience interested in the topic of what the account holder or a company is marketing to, with the aim of selling the product to him and making a financial profit from this process, Facebook Ads Types:

Promotion offers:

This type of Facebook ad is suitable for shop owners who offer offers very much, as you specify your offers to promote them directly, and these offers include discounts to attract customers more broadly. Customer data collection: This type of marketing targets customers who are interested in the same activity as your page, and shows the advertisement to them, and provides them with all the information about your business to increase their purchase ability.

Like your page:

This type plays a big role in increasing the number of fans on your page, which gives it higher reliability. The most beautiful is that the target audience of fans is according to several statistics, which enables the advertisement to target people who have the same interests as your page, which in turn reflects positively on your advertising campaign.

Features of advertising on Facebook:

Why do I do ads on Facebook specifically and not on other sites?

The best way to display the features of Facebook as an advertising platform is the statistics, so these are the most important Facebook site statistics that will help you and convince you to advertise permanently on the site: 1- The number of active Facebook users globally is about 2.45 billion monthly users. 2- About 74% of users are high-income earners. 3- 1.62 billion visits to Facebook daily. 4- 74% of the 1.62 billion visitors access the site every day.

Features of promoting Facebook pages in Daleel Misr:

1- The process of creating the lowest steps: Daleel Misr designs advertising images and videos to create the ad on your behalf according to the specifications you want. 2- Targeting the audience: We choose the people you want to show your ad to by creating custom audiences based on a combination of elements such as location, interests, and more, and we can also create similar audiences based on people who have already shown interest in your Page. 3- Set your budget: Choose how much or how little you want to spend on promoting There is no uniform overhead cost to promote your page, the amount you pay to promote your page always depends on how many people you want to reach and how long you want to run your promotion for, and we make a step-by-step plan for The suggested budget is right for you. 4- Costs: Controlling the reduction and increase of advertising campaign costs in times of increased interaction and increased customer demand. Reasons for refusing to advertise on Facebook: 1- Advertisements related to financial services. 2- Finding a suitable company in managing social media pages so that you can follow your page on Facebook, so leave the management of the page to an expert who distinguishes you in front of your competitors. 3- Advertisement of gambling and betting. 4- Political advertisements. 5- Branded content. You should use clear branded ads and not use the Facebook sign or any other brand. 6-Things that incite violence and pose a danger to society. 7- Encouraging killing, terrorism, hatred, and criminal activities. 8- Likewise, advertisements for bullying. 9-Privacy, avoid violating the intellectual property of other trademarks, Facebook will ban advertising immediately. Ways to avoid ban or suspension of Facebook advertising account: Learn with us the most important ways to avoid suspending or banning a Facebook advertising account and the most important Facebook policies that you must follow There are more than 4 million companies currently advertising on Facebook every day There are countless ad accounts suspended or disabled for various reasons. Ads, landing pages, and business practices must not include any misleading, false, or deceptive content, including misleading claims, offers, or tactics. In most cases, it is preventable if you know what to do. It is known that banning the ad account is destructive to any business. As trying to re-enable your account is almost impossible. I mean, the advertisements that you refuse to do, are one of the things that no age will be able to see, and they are contrary to the norms of societies and immoral, such as for example: 1- Weapon ads. 2- Advertisements for brands. 3- Non-original products. 4- Liquor and cigarettes. 5- Medicines that do not have licenses. 6- Porn content. 7- Ads that contain racism. 8- Violence and threats. - Anything other than these needs. I know that the reason for refusal is not difficult to solve. Too many disapproved ads: Don't leave any disapproved ads on your account as this may cause Facebook to scrutinize your ads more closely and may even close your account completely. It's important to know that deleting past disapproved ads will not hide them from Facebook, because Facebook keeps these ads in a separate log, but leaving them in your account is like spreading red flags everywhere. When an ad is rejected, it is essential to delete the disapproved ad as soon as possible, especially if you are planning to launch another ad. A familiar mistake many advertisers make is to launch a new ad as soon as they get another ad rejected, which reduces their chances of getting approved for the second ad. And remember, if the ads are disapproved too much, your ad account will be disabled. General tips to avoid being restricted to ad accounts: 1- Test the ad you want to place first before placing a large number of copies. 2-You should take a look at the site's policies, especially in relation to these sections: Prohibited Content, n

Policy overview.

3- Enter your payment information only when you are ready to do so. 4- Instead of using a personal advertising account, it is better to use the Business Manager account as it is easier to recover if there is a problem compared to the personal account. 5- Look carefully at the comments on the ads and if you see any negative comments, respond to them immediately. 6-Be is careful not to repeat the advertisement too often, because this increases your exposure to negative interactions. 7- Make a final analysis of the ad copy, ad design, and target page before trying to approve it. How do you know that your Facebook account has been banned or disabled by the Facebook administration? If you disable the Facebook management of your account on the Facebook website, a message will appear informing you when you try to log into your account, and if you do not see such a message, you may have another problem logging in. https://www.facebook.com/dalilmaasr
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