Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing Basics   E-marketing needs strategies to make people want you and get excited about you, almost everything is sold on the Internet.

The concept of e-marketing:

There are several concepts of marketing. Marketing is defined as the art of selling. It is a set of operations and activities that search and explore the desires of customers, know their needs for products and goods, and work to employ this in the process of marketing and promoting goods and services. Marketing develops products continuously to keep pace with the competing market and keep pace with the desires of the competitors. Customers, marketing is a set of plans and strategies that are drawn up and implemented to market products and goods, reach the target customers and achieve the highest profits.

Email Marketing Features:

Among the most important advantages you will find:

1- Ease of permanent presence of the target customer. 2- Creating a reciprocal relationship with the public, which helps in continuous interaction, and identification of customer needs. 3- Gaining a large number of customers, and getting to know everything that is new. 4- Achieving more sales with fewer ads. 5- Gaining customer loyalty. 6- Obtaining the required commodity in a short time, whether by purchasing from the ground or express shipping. 7- Creating a new market as well as opening a new door of services via the Internet 8- Ease of service request.

Email Marketing Tools:

E-marketing tools are represented in the programs that

exist specifically for marketing work and accomplish

marketing tasks in the fastest time and with less effort.

Among these tools are:

1- WordPress:

It works to publish your content, and increase the percentage of sales of your product.

2- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites:

It allows you to publish the marketing product completely free of charge.

E-marketing success factors:

The success of e-marketing depends on several factors, including:

1- Constant work and continuous diligence. 2- Providing a high-quality service or product. 3- Constantly developing the marketing process. 4- Understand the smallest details, and analyze the results continuously and with great professionalism. 5- Work to satisfy the customer in all possible ways, assuming the customer is the basis of your marketing success. 6- Manage your business well and distinctly.

Email Marketing Methods:

There are many different different marketing methods, as the selection of the appropriate ones in the marketing campaigns depends on the nature of the product and the target audience.

1- Content Marketing:

It is said that content is the king, and this is because of its importance in communicating your successful marketing message, and content marketing may differ from traditional marketing and content marketing depends mainly on adding value and real information to the customer. Content marketing aims to build trust between the company and the customer. Good content leads to a successful marketing plan. It has many different forms, such as: - Articles. - Indicative pictures. -Photographic clips. -Social media posts. Content marketing is an integral part of the rest of the successful e-marketing.

2- Social Media Marketing:

More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook every day, which means a huge opportunity not to miss to market products, and instead of limiting those sites to attract visitors to other sites. It has become used as a promotional platform, and it is no longer limited to promotion as well, but even further, social networking sites are used to study the audience. Also, the quality of your advertising on these platforms will prompt customers to share it with their friends and acquaintances, which is more effective than your direct marketing As well as the successful marketing strategy on social media, as it depends on the analysis of audience interaction first-hand, and its steps include:

select the target:

Before starting to launch marketing campaigns, it is necessary to determine their goal, is it presenting the product to the audience? Or building trust? Setting the goal from the beginning makes the next steps easier, directs the campaign in one direction, and becomes coherent.

Planning and publishing:

What type of content? And on what platform? These questions are part of the planning and publishing process, which continues throughout the the marketing period and is renewed monthly. With each month a new planning process begins for the type of content to be published, with results being monitored and the monthly report in mind.


Social networking sites give companies the opportunity to speak directly with the public and give the public the same opportunity with companies. It has become easy to know the extent of customer satisfaction with a product, using social media. Also, companies' interaction with their audience's comments and messages must be professional.

The basic elements of e-marketing:

E-marketing is based on several important basic elements

that you must know well before starting e-marketing, which are:

1- Data collection:

Where the target customer specification data is collected. Knowing the nature and size of competitors for your business. Knowing the expected market size.

2- Develop clear and accurate marketing plans:

This is because the field of e-marketing is open and intertwined field, so a strong plan must be developed that contains competing marketing channels and determine the required budget.

3- Marketing skills for the e-marketer:

These skills are what differentiate between one marketer and another, as they clarify the difference between the novice or traditional marketer and the professional and constantly renewed marketer.

What is SEO or search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an acronym for (Search Engine Optimization) used to improve the appearance of websites, as it helps you appear on the first page of search engine results in Google by studying how search engines work and the factors affecting the ranking and improvement of results and the treatment of some errors and problems in Websites Search engine development is a branch of e-marketing that aims to increase traffic to a particular website, and although the term is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization", this concept is more about people then search engines.  It's about: understanding what users are searching for on the Internet, the answers they seek to find, and the words they use in their search. So is the type of content they consume.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

If you have a website or online store on Google, or you have a business and you want to develop this business and increase visitors and sales to your site, then SEO is your guide to leading Search results, so the benefit of SEO lies in raising your site’s ranking in search engines and thus increasing your business despite the intense competition, Following the criteria and tips for improving SEO is your only way to get on the front pages, and this is what we will learn about in the next paragraph.

SEO Secrets:

1. Rely on the unique, exclusive content. The audience no longer needs to be repeated, but rather wants to read something different from other articles on the sites. 2. Use your infographic; This is to make it easier to understand complex information and to have opportunities for audience participation. 3. Write long articles and guides, in which you talk about a particular topic by mentioning all its details; This is to get you to rank higher in the search engine as well. 4. Use the “Guest Post” hosting method, which is to publish your article on popular blogs and sites with a high rate of visits, with reference throughout the article to your site. 5. Encourage readers to participate by offering them to do so, through the buttons that you will do in the blog, and to facilitate the participation process. 6. Mention the entrepreneurs and celebrities during your article, which will prompt them to share it on their pages, and this will increase the size of your audience. 7. Use strong backlinks; To improve the ranking of your site. 8. Avoid common mistakes in writing; Because the article would perish, no matter how good it is. 9. Share those articles and guides posted on your social media channels.

Is email marketing really effective?

Digital marketing is a great option for many businesses and companies, and its magnificence lies in its inclusion of various types of business, whatever product or service you own, you can market and promote it electronically to reach anyone anywhere in this world.

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